2 Marlins Fans Recreate a 20-Year Old Photo

Let’s start here: April 30, 1994. Almost 20 years ago to the day… My brother and I attended the 1994 Marlins Photo Day…

First there was the classic Chuckie Carr pose in the Bermuda Triangle…

1994 Marlins Photo Day Season Ticket Holder

Then there was this shot where 1B Orestes Destrade offered to trade his Teal-on-Teal cap with my sweet radio cap…

1994 Marlins Photo Day Season Ticket Holder

And then there was this classic shot of my brother and I snapping a shot with the original skipper, Rene Lachemann…

1994 Marlins Photo Day Season Ticket Holder

That was 20 years ago. I was 10 and a half and my brother was a few months short of his 5th birthday.

We sought to recreate this photo.

We found out Rene Lachemann was the First Base Coach for the Colorado Rockies. So when the Rockies came to town during the first home series of the 2014 campaign, we knew we had to make it happen…

We present to you the first of Marlins photo recreations!

Marlins Photo Recreation


1994 - 2014 Marlins Photo Recreation

Special thanks to Rene Lachemann for being a good sport and to Denis Bancroft on the photo credit.


* Do you have old family Marlins photos of the Teal days? Recreate them and post them to Instagram or Twitter with #FlashbackFish and we may feature them in the future!
-by Alex Buznego


That’s actually pretty cool.

My sister and I have a whole bunch. Perhaps I should post some.

Man, I would love to be able to recreate pics of when I was little and my dad took me to signings with Robb Nen, Gary Sheffield, Benito Santiago, etc. Very fun time in my life.

Yes that is very cool. I appreciate the simple thought of brothers wanting to recreate such an awesome memory. Doing it and showing it I find very special. It has encouraged me to reach out to my brother and talk about things that live past today. Thank you!!!!

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