Dressing Up as Marlins Man for Halloween is a Thing

Happy Halloween!

Are you still scrambling to find the perfect last-minute costume to rock at your friends, family or office’s All Hallows’ Eve party tonight?  Well, look no further, On Cloud Conine is happy to help.

Marlins Man Halloween Costume Miami Marlins


We looked to Twitter to get some Halloween costume inspiration and look what we found as the perfect costume idea:


This guy already has his #MarlinsMan outfit ready to go!


Here are the steps to don the perfect Marlins Man costume this weekend:



Ta-Da! The perfect Halloween 2014 costume!


And we couldn’t agree more.


Make sure to tag your Marlins Man Halloween costumes with the hashtag #MarlinsMan!


Challenge Accepted. #MarlinsMan

Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #10

A home run to remember…

10 – July 14th – Home Run Derby Moonshot – Giancarlo and Henderson flew up to Target Field to show their skills during the 2014 Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game. Although Giancarlo did not win the HR Derby crown, his 510-foot upper-deck blast that almost left the stadium had every fan and player unbelievably shocked and cheering uncontrollably. Wow.

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins home run derby

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins Home Run Derby+

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins Home Run Derby

Giancarlo Stanton Home Run Derby


Check out the 12th top moment here and the 11th top moment here

#MarlinsMan Moments You May Not Have Been Aware Of


Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’re probably familiar with the story of Miami Marlins super fan and Season Ticket Holder, Laurence a.k.a. Marlins Man.

We’ve seen Marlins Man at the American League Championship Series and now at the World Series, but have you seen him in The Brady Bunch? Or walking on the moon? Or present during the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Marlins Man has literally been everywhere.

Here’s some of our favorites:


MLB Postseason | This isn’t Laurence’s first October.


The Brady Bunch | The youngest one in Marlins Red-Orange.


Marlins Nation | Yes. Marlins Man was a Founding Father.


Space. The Final Frontier | One small step for man. One giant leap for Marlins fans.


Marlins Man, Baby! |  That’s Marlins Man photobombing Dick Vitale.


If You Build It, Marlins Man Will Come 


Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee | Marlins Man… Greatest of all-time.


Marlins Man Phone Home | Right behind Home Plate.


Where’s Waldo Marlins Man? | Can you find the Marlins Red-Orange?


Where have you seen Marlins Man?

Game 3 of the World Series is tonight in San Francisco. Keep an eye out for Marlins Man and remember to post your images of him using hashtag #MarlinsMan.

Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #11

A breakout star in the making!

11 – August 25th – Cosart Stifles the Angels – Newly acquired Houston Astros pitcher, Jarred Cosart, gave up only one run when he kicked off the Angels series in Anaheim. Jarred left the mound with an impressive pitching line: 7.2 IP, 7 H, 1 ER.

Jarred Cosart Miami Marlins

Manager Redmond had nothing but great things to say for his second-year, starting pitcher: “The first couple of innings, you could just see it in his face, he was focused… He was ahead of every single guy. It was impressive and fun to watch. You could tell he was on a mission.”

Jarred Cosart Miami Marlins

Cosart was a solid addition to the Marlins rotation– keep an eye on this one in 2015.

Mysteries of the #MarlinsMan Revealed!

Game 4 of the ALCS in Kansas City. A sea of royal and powder blue as far as the eye can see in Kauffman Stadium… except, who is that man in Marlins Red-Orange?

He has been everywhere! From World Series games, the Super Bowl, to the NBA Finals, he makes his presence known with his (awesome) Marlins jacket and visor.

Laurence Leavy Marlins Man Miami Marlins

On Cloud Conine is here to unveil the mystery and answer the burning questions on Twitter about this so-called “#MarlinsMan” sitting front row behind home plate at the ALCS.

Glad you ask! Here are four must-know facts about the #MarlinsMan…

4 – His name is Laurence! He’s an Original Fish and a Season Ticket Holder! – Laurence has been a Marlins Season Ticket Holder and a #MarlinFamily member since the Marlins’ inaugural year in 1993!

3 – He Has a Marlins-mobile! – He owns a pretty sweet custom-designed Marlins car!

2 – He LOVES Baseball – He has been traveling the country for over 15 years attending major sporting events, but his true passion is baseball.

1 – He Pays it Forward – Laurence keeps a promise from his grandfather to always pay it forward, to give back to those around you. On top of the regular season tickets that Laurence has for himself and his guests, he has another set of incredible seats open for families coming to the game. Laurence will stand outside of Marlins Park before first pitch to pass out his tickets to give to families, as a way to give back to the Marlins community.

This #MarlinsMan is doing big things and hopes you will join him in continuing to build the #MarlinFamily– we are everywhere! With a variety of cool ways to join the #MarlinFamily as a Season Ticket Holder, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all in our Marlins Red-Orange jerseys together in 2015!

So keep your eyes on the TV during the World Series. We guarantee you that yesterday won’t be the last time you’ll see #MarlinsMan representing your Marlins behind home plate watching America’s pastime.

Let’s just say, this isn’t #MarlinsMan’s first rodeo in attending championship series games.

Laurence Leavy Marlins Man Miami Marlins

Top 21 Funniest Marlins Moments of 2014

This season, there was no shortage of amazing moments and times for celebration (hey, remember those 11 walk-off wins?!).

But what about times to laugh? Let’s take a look at the 21 funniest moments from the 2014 season, these are not to be forgotten!

21- The Henderson dance – Because what other dance moves would you break out if your teammate hit a 510-foot moonshot at the HR Derby?



20 – The Worm – This will never go out of style.



19 – A Pile of Sea Creatures – Self explanatory.



18 – The First Pitch – Every Henderson first pitch wind up, without fail.



17 – Darth vs. Julio – Looks like Julio can’t survive the use of the Force.



16 – She Said Yes – The natural reaction to your girlfriend saying yes.



15 – Julio vs. Spike – Poor Julio, again.



14 – Ready, Set, Go! – They almost got it right.



13 – Can You Spot Conine? – Photobomb!



12 – Angel Down! – So graceful.



11 – Posterized! - Tom Koehler ambush dunks on Salty in the dugout.



10 – Mascots Elevator Ride – Looks like the start of a joke…



9 – Julio’s #1 Fan – the agony in Jack’s face during every Great Sea Race:


8 – The Best Game of Tug-of-War – Mascots vs. Mascots



7 – How Do You React to an Eephus Pitch? – Just like this.



6 – How Do You React to a Giancarlo Home Run? – Looks about right.



5 – Flex Those Muscles – Don’t mess with these guns on #MarlinsSocial.



4 – Jose Tips His Cap – We told you this guy needs to win Gold Glove#Hech4GG!



3- The Best Dad of the Year – Balancing his son and catching a foul ball all at once? You the real MVP.


2- Billy vs. Julio – Billy, what have you done?!



1 – Handshake of the Year – Can you top Marcell Ozuna and Brett Butler?



Did we leave any out?


The 10 Most Retweeted Marlins Tweets of the 2014 Season

One of our favorite parts of 2014 was interacting with the #MarlinFamily on Twitter.

In honor of this, here are 10 of the Most Retweeted Marlins Tweets of the 2014 Season:


10. Needless to say, #MarlinFamily was pumped to see Giancarlo in the Derby.



9. Yeah, we guess this guy’s okay.






7. Cap tip to the city of Philadelphia.



6. #Stanton4MVP. Duh.



5. Is it 2015 yet?



4. An amazing moment of support from the #MarlinFamily.



3. How cool was this?



2. #MarlinFamily + Opening Day = Picture Perfect



1. #MarlinFamily YOU are the best!



That closes the book on 2014! Be sure to connect with us by subscribing to our Email Newsletters and by following us on Twitter! #LetsGoFish

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Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #12

There is no doubt that there’s plenty to look forward to in 2015 from your #FightinFish. The 2014 Miami Marlins (77-85) made significant strides, becoming just the third National League team since 1969 to win 77-or-more games after losing 100-or-more in the previous season.

Miami Marlins Marlins Park


Starting today, on each Monday, On Cloud Conine will countdown the top 12 moments of the Marlins’ 2014 season come take a walk down memory lane with us!

12 – September 8th-11th – Four in a Row for Ozo! - Although the Marlins’ four-game series in Milwaukee was overshadowed by Giancarlo Stanton’s season-ending injury, Marcell Ozuna put an exclamation point on a breakout season, homering in each of the four contests. In 2014, Ozuna emerged as a big power hitter, finishing the season with 23 home runs. This has truly been a breakout year for this center fielder, and given his success with his bat and glove, he will be a force to reckon with offensively and defensively in 2015.

Video: http://m.mlb.com/video/v36068201/miamil-ozuna-crushes-a-solo-home-run-to-center/?c_id=mlb


7 Reasons Why Josh Beckett Was An Awesome Marlin

On Tuesday, Josh Beckett announced his retirement from baseball.

Forever one of the greatest to play for the Fish, here are a few of his best moments as a Florida Marlin. #FarewellJosh


“We Just Might Be Stupid Enough To Win This Thing.”

2003 NLDS -Marlins @ Giants – Game 1 – Pacific Bell Park

7.0 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 5 BB, 9 SO

Entering the 2003 Postseason, the wild card-winning Florida Marlins were deemed major underdogs in the Division Series against the San Francisco Giants.

When asked about his team’s youth, Josh Beckett famously said, “With inexperience comes stupidity and we might just be stupid enough to win this thing.”

Despite, the Giants winning Game 1 by a score of 2-0, 23-year-old, Josh Beckett set the tone, going toe-to-toe with Giants’ ace Jason Schmidt.


Backs Against The Wall

2003 NLCS – Cubs @ Marlins – Game 5 – Pro Player Stadium

9.0 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 1 BB 11 SO

Down 3 games to 1 and in front of a huge crowd of South Floridians, Beckett staved the Marlins off from elimination. The complete game was the first of Beckett’s Major League career, spanning 51 starts.

Beckett baffled the Cubs, tying the NLCS record for fewest hits allowed in a complete game.


Win Or Go Home 

2003 NLCS – Marlins @ Cubs – Game 7 – Wrigley Field

4.0 IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 3 SO

In a win-or-go-home Game 7, Beckett came out of the bullpen to throw four innings of one-run baseball.

Beckett’s heroic relief appearance, stifled the Cubs while the Marlins bats came alive along the way to a decisive 9-6 victory.


The Hero

2003 World Series – Marlins @ YankeesGame 6 – Yankee Stadium

9.0 IP, 5 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 9 S0

Florida Marlins celebrate

In what remains one of the greatest postseason pitching performances of all-time, Josh Beckett shutout the New York Yankees in New York clinching an improbable championship for the Florida Marlins.

Despite pitching on three days’ rest, Beckett was masterful.


After the game Marlins manager, Jack McKeon famously quipped, “Who is going to (ask) the first question about if Beckett can pitch on three days’ rest? I guess you will believe me now anything can happen.”


Josh Opens 2004 In Style

Opening Day 2004 – Expos @ Marlins – Pro Player Stadium

7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, 9 SO

In front of a massive South Florida crowd of 55,315, Beckett picked up right where he left off, tossing seven innings of one-run ball. The defending champion Florida Marlins defeated their division rival, Montreal Expos by a score of 4-3.


New York, New York

August 31st, 2004 -Marlins @ Mets – Shea Stadium

9.0 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 SO

Beckett went the distance in the regular season for the first time in his career (and third time overall) during a 5-0 shutout of the New York Mets.

When asked about his success pitching in New York against both the Yankees and the Mets, Becket stated, “Maybe I’m more comfortable here, I don’t know. I was just going to go at ‘em today,”


The Beginning Of The End

April 10th, 2005 – Nationals @ Marlins – Pro Player Stadium

9.0 IP, 5 H, 0 ER. 11 SO

In what remains one of the best starts of his career, Beckett baffled the Washington Nationals, continuing the strong start of what would be his final season with the Florida Marlins.


Congratulations on an incredible career! You will be missed.


Can The Marlins Win All The Awards?

#Stanton4MVP! #Hech4GG! #McGehee4GG!

There’s a lot of Marlins that have a very strong case for 2014 hardware. Let’s examine…

Giancarlo Stanton | National League Most Valuable Player, Silver Slugger

photo (1)


This September, #Stanton4MVP signs have taken over Marlins Park, and for good reason.


Despite having not played since Thursday, September 11th, Giancarlo still finished among the National League leader in nearly every offensive categories:

  • 1st – Home runs – 37
  • 2nd – Walks – 94
  • 1st – Slugging – .555
  • 2nd – On Bases + Slugging (OPS) – .950
  • 1st – Total Bases – 299
  • T-1st – Extra Base Hits – 69
  • 2nd – RBI – 105
  • 2nd – OBP – .395

Truly an MVP-caliber season from our right fielder who provided clutch hitting night-after-night…





Giancarlo also started at DH for the NL in the All-Star Game and was the star of the Home Run Derby thanks to tape-measure shots such as this one:



Here’s a standard reaction to Giancarlo’s season:



Despite missing the last few weeks of the season, Giancarlo was a force this season and a major reason for the Marlins’ massive improvement from 2013 to 2014.


Marcell Ozuna | Gold Glove


  • Tie-2nd – Outfield Assists – 10
  • 3rd – Total Chances – 371
  • 3rd – Putouts – 356


Not a household name to begin the year, Marcell had a breakout season thanks to powerful hitting (23 home runs), stellar defensive range (.985 fielding percentage) and a cannon for an arm:



Marcell finished the season with eight assists. None bigger than this game-ending throw to home plate, preserving a Marlins win:


Adeiny Hechavarria | Gold Glove


Among National League shortstops:

  • 1st – Total Chances – 652
  • 3rd – Assists – 417
  • 4th – Putouts – 200
  • 3rd – Double Plays – 87



Although the metrics didn’t always show it, Adeiny had a Hech of a season (see what I did there?). Dubbed #HechOfAPlay, Adeiny highlights were frequent yet always entertaining in 2014:


In 2014, Adeiny established himself as one of the premier defenders in the Majors.


Casey McGehee | Gold Glove, Comeback Player of the Year


  • Reached base safely in 31 straight games (June 4th – July 7th), tied for the 5th-longest in the NL this season
  • 75 RBI ranks 1st among all NL third baseman
  • 177 hits ranks 4th in the NL
  • 49 multi-hit games tied for 6th in the NL, tied for 1st among NL third baseman
  • 1st among Major League third baseman in innings played - 1409.2 IP
  • 2nd among Major League third baseman, 1st in the NL for fielding percentage  – .979
  • 3rd in the Majors, 1st in the NL for Double Plays - 34


One year removed from playing for the Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Japanese Pacific League, Casey reemerged as a middle-of-the-order, Gold Glove-caliber player. Nicknamed #HitsMcGehee, for his timely (and frequent) hitting, Casey’s return to the Majors was one of the best stories of the 2014 season.



Steve Cishek | Delivery Man of the Year


  • T-6th-best save percentage in the National League – (39-of-43)
  • T-8th in Saves – 39
  • Became the third pitcher in Club history with back-to-back 30+ Save seasons on August 11th vs. St. Louis
  • Co-NL Player of the Week July 21st – 27th – 1.80 ERA, 5 Saves in 5 Games

The 9th inning this season was on lock-down thanks to a superb effort by second-year closer, Steve Cishek. Thanks to a new career high for saves (39), there was no better time this season, then #CishekTime.


Mike Redmond | National League Manager of the Year


One season removed from an 100 loss season, Manager Mike Redmond had a young Miami Marlins team playing competitive, meaningful baseball from start to finish.

On September 23rd, the 2014 Miami Marlins became only the fourth National League team since 1969 to win 75-or-more games after losing 100-or-more in the previous season.


An amazing turnaround for a talented team only getting better under Redmond’s tutelage.


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