Top 10 Reasons To Vote Giancarlo For Face Of MLB

UPDATE: Giancarlo Advances To Round 2!

Thanks to you, #MarlinFamily, Giancarlo Stanton has defeated New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner and advanced to the second round of MLB Network’s #FaceOfMLB Contest.

Be on the lookout for our next round on Wednesday, February 11th when we face off against Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones.


On January 7th, you, the #MarlinFamily named Giancarlo Stanton the #FaceOfMarlins.

Today, Big G faces a new test —

Matched up against Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner, Giancarlo needs YOUR help to send him to the next round of MLB Network’s Face Of MLB Contest.


In a rematch of the 2003 World Series, let’s pull off another upset of the Yanks!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Vote Giancarlo for Face Of MLB:

10 Because he makes opposing pitchers spectators:



Because his home runs make teammates react like this:



8 Even opposing managers are in awe of Giancarlo’s power:



7 Because you know Billy The Marlin’s got Giancarlo’s back:


Because his Beyonce impression his on point:



Because he’s the real Captain America:



4 Because… the Body Issue:

Stanton b


Because you don’t ever leave your seat when Giancarlo is coming to bat:



Because if you do, you’ll probably miss this:



Or this:

Giancarlo Walk-Off

500 foot home runs, walk-off grand slams, Giancarlo, you can do it all.

Marlin Family, cast your vote for Giancarlo by tweeting hashtags #FaceOfMLB and #GiancarloStanton! Or by just retweeting everything we post today!

Or vote online at MLB Network.

Voting concludes tomorrow at 8:00 a.m., so vote early, vote often and vote Stanton.

Giancarlo Stanton a Miss Universe Judge

He’s the 2014 NL Home Run champ, he’s a #FishForLife, and now, he’s a #MissUniverse judge!? Yup, you heard that right!

Broadcasting live from the 3-0-5 on national television, “Big G” represented the #MarlinFamily while posting up next to Manny Pacquiao, DeSean Jackson, William Levy, Kristin Cavallari, Emilio Estefan and others!

Giancarlo Stanton at the Miss Universe competition

He even posted a pic with boxer (and fellow judge) Manny Pacquiao!

Giancarlo Stanton Miss Universe

And here he is taking a mid-show selfie with his fellow judges.


Unfortunately for us, Giancarlo did not take the opportunity to show off his classic Beyonce impression:

Giancarlo Stanton GIF

Congratulations to Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, on her new title!


Three of the Most Famous Dancers in America Are Former Marlins

Remember that Miami dancer who won “So You Think You Can Dance” a few months ago? Ever seen Pitbull’s backup dancers performing on New Year’s Eve and all around the world?

Did you know they were former Marlins? Read on…

Marlins Energy Team


You may have heard that Open Auditions for the 2015 Miami Marlins Energy Team are just a few weeks away. The Marlins are looking for high-energy male and female dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and break dancers to pump up the #MarlinFamily at home games, community events and appearances.

What you may not know is that several famous dancers got their beginnings with the Marlins…


Back in the days of the Florida Marlins, you may remember the Marlins Mermaids. These lovely ladies performed in-game dance routines and rooted on the Fish in the last few years of Teal and Black at JRS.

Stef and Adriana - Marlins Mermaids - Pitbull dancers

marlins mermaids


Two of those Mermaids, Stef and Adriana, went on to become backup dancers for Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, himself, Pitbull!
Stef and Adriana - Marlins Mermaids - Pitbull dancers Stef and Adriana - Marlins Mermaids - Pitbull dancers

Recently while visiting the set of Good Morning America, Stef and Adriana recorded a special message for the #MarlinFamily and future Marlins dancers. Check out the link!


But that’s not all… remember the name Ricky Ubeda? We covered his story in an earlier OCC post. Ricky was crowned the champion of the 11th season of  So You Think You Can Dance.

SYTYCD Ricky Ubeda Miami


But back in the 2000’s, Ricky was a member of the Marlins Minnows, a dance group consisting of kids ages 8-13 years old who performed hip-hop and jazz dances in front of the crowds at Florida Marlins games.

rick ubeda so you think you can dance


Now Ricky’s a star!


Marlins Energy Team Ricky Ubeda


Are you the Marlins’ next hidden dancing talent? Find out Saturday, January 24th at Marlins Park! For more information please visit


Marlins Energy Team Marlins Energy Team Marlins Energy Team


UPDATE: He Still Won’t Shave Until José Returns

Today #Marlins fans can help choose the Face Of The Marlins by tweeting hashtag #FaceOfTheMarlins with their choice’s #FirstNameLastName or by visiting

In honor of #FaceOfTheMarlin Day, celebrity Marlins fan Andres (@latinoloco4rwf) was invited on MLB Network’s Hot Stove Show to provide an update on a vow he made last season.

Watch Andres’ entire interview representing the #MarlinFamily here:


Last May, when star pitcher José Fernandez went down with a season-ending injury, Andres made the ultimate gesture.

He vowed not to shave his beard or his head until José returned to the mound for the Marlins:


As Andres’ hair grew, so did his story:


Eight months in, Andres has never looked better!



Follow Andres (@latinoloco4rwf) as he enters his bearded homestretch and remember to cast your vote for #FaceOfTheMarlin by 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, January 7th.

Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #1

1 – April 18th – Walk-Off Grand Slam – With Yoervis Medina on the mound for the Mariners, the Marlins had bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th. Who was at bat next? None other than Giancarlo Stanton, of course. With no outs and the bases loaded, Giancarlo hits the ball approximately 407 feet, ending the game with a final score of 8-4. Not only was this homer the 123rd of Giancarlo’s career at the time, it was his second career walk-off grand slam. What a game!










Relive the other 11 top moments here:

12 – September 8th-11th – Four in a Row for Ozo!

11 – August 25th – Cosart Stifles the Angels

10 – July 14th – Home Run Derby Moonshot

9 –  April 22nd – Fernandez vs. Wood Duel

8 – March 31st – Opening Night

7 – August 2nd – Yelich Walk-Off

6 – April 29th – May 7th Homestand

5 – June 3rd – Henderson Does It Again

4 – August 11th – The Human Highlight Reel

3 – August 23rd – #Hech4GG, Really

2 – June 20th – Don’t Run on Ozuna

Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #2

2 – June 20th – Don’t Run on Ozuna – Really, you just don’t. Marcell’s game-saving launch to home plate to throw out Kirk Nieuwenhuis and secure the 3-2 win over the Mets was definitely a SportsCenter Top-10 worthy throw that got more fun to watch over and over again. It was one of those “are you kidding me?!” moments of the season:





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Marlins Announce Signing Via #MorseCode

Yesterday, the Miami Marlins Social Media team had a little extra fun announcing the team’s newest free agent signing.

Around 3:00 P.M. the following Vine was tweeted:

(Warning: be sure to unmute the Vine before playing)


What was that? Did you miss something? Maybe this will clarify things…


Still scratching your head? Finally, all was revealed:


In honor of his Twitter handle @MCode38, the Marlins announced the signing by tweeting the morse code message “Marlins sign Morse.”

Naturally, Marlins mascot, prankster and one-fish welcome wagon, Billy The Marlin took welcoming Michael to Miami one step further:


No word yet on if Billy’s morse code message has reached Michael.

#MarlinFamily, what do you think of the Michael Morse signing? Tweet your thoughts using hashtag #MorseCode.


Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #3

3 – August 23rd – #Hech4GG, Really – Shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria keeps adding to his long list outstanding #HechOfAPlay moments (read more here). This Gold Glove-worthy candidate has wow-ed the crowds not only at Marlins Park but also on the road. The best example of his star-studded defensive plays took place when the Fish were out in Colorado. Although the Fish did not win the game that night, this particular #HechOfAPlay in the 12th inning while Justin Morneau was at bat had every Marlins fan watching at home on their feet, including Rich & Tommy.












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Top Moment of the Marlins’ 2014 Season: #4

4 – August 11th – The Human Highlight Reel - Is this guy even human? This was a spectacular, standing-ovation-from-the-fans type of night for MVP runner-up, Giancarlo Stanton, offensively and defensively against the St. Louis Cardinals. The highlight reel speaks for itself, so sit back and enjoy two home runs, a dazzling catch in right field and the only reaction you can have when your team is playing against someone like Giancarlo.





This reaction sums it all up… what a night!

St. Louis Cardinals

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton Miami Marlins


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18 Reasons Billy The Marlin is a Must Follow on Twitter

In need of a good laugh to get you through the work day? Billy The Marlin is here to save the day!

Billy The Marlin


Billy has quite a sense of humor for being a fish. And he’s getting pretty tech-savvy as well, using Twitter any chance he can get!

18 – He knows he’s got it going on.


17 – He’s a smooth one with the ladies…


16 – He wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he can talk a little trash…


15 – He’s an aspiring Broadcaster.


14 – He loves selfies.


13 – His game analysis is top-notch.


12 – That Reds game was interesting.


11 – Slime happens.


10 – The cold…


9 – He can get out the vote.


8 – Marlins Foundation Fish ‘N Chips casino nights are where he looks the flyest.


7 – He rolls deep.


6 – He likes winning.


5 – He’s a savvy shopper. 


4 – He trains with the boys.


3 – He supports the troops. 


2 – Sometimes he misunderstands


1 – He hates goodbyes…


… but the season will be back before you know it! Winter Warm-Up on February 21st and Opening Day on April 6th! And don’t forget, give Billy a follow at @BillyTheMarlin!

Billy The Marlin Miami Marlins

Billy The Marlin at Diamond Dash



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